Kg Seri Minyak, Merlimau, Melaka - Close to Anjung Batu Jetty to Pulau Besar / Close to the Famous Ikan Bakar



Since school holidays are here again, just to remind and let you know that Alim Shapie's SAKINAH BED & BREAKFAST, a mere 800 metres from the sea is available for your holiday plans - with Good Special Offers For Friends Only. It is located 26 km from Ayer Keroh Toll and 15 km from Melaka town.

bed-and-breakfast It comprise of a single storey bungalow on 16,000 sq feet land area surrounded by fruit trees and lots of natural greenery. The guest house consists of 6 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 patios, a large dining room and a spacious kitchen. It also have covered garage for cars with an outdoor pipe and hose for your convenience. Guests’ premises consist of 5 bedrooms (three air-conditioned), three bathrooms, elegant dining room with seating for ten pax, spacious living room with television, DVD, and ample reading materials. Coffee and Tea making facilities are provided with unlimited refills. Dishes are provided for guests who prefer to bring their own food. Breakfast is served anyway.



bed-and-breakfastYou may choose to rent as many rooms as you need. Should you not need all five rooms, the other rooms will be closed. It will not be rented to another group during the duration of your stay. The front lawn; about 10,000 square feet; is wide and left bare to accommodate extra parking or any outdoor activities. A BBQ grille is available for your DIY cooking. Order the food from them or bring your own. Besides hosting family’s weekend or school holiday vacations in Melaka, it is also suited for business trips during the week, seminars or training sessions for up to 25 people, or you may need it for brain-storming sessions for small groups.

It also have day use packages for large groups visiting Melaka, most especially for family attending weddings in the area (bertandang). Your group will have spacious, comfortable place to change and freshen up before heading to the mosque or wedding house. Hi-tea to be arranged and served for this purpose. Now, with the cooperation of kampong residents, SAKINAH BED & BREAKFAST may arrange to book special packages to suit your needs:

(1) Fishing- Rental of a fishing boat which holds four (the fisherman and three passengers) to fish either at the islands surrounding Pulau Besar or out at sea. Usually, the boat leaves the jetty in the evening and returns before dawn. Naturally, you have the option of returning sooner. The first few hours are spent catching bait, and then the fishing adventure begins.

(2) Rental of ‘Kalong’- This ‘house on stilts’ is located a few hundred feet from shore. It is a comfortable place for night fishing or just watching the sunset/sunrise. You will be dropped by fishing boat and picked up at the designated time (available overnight). Two to five people are permitted at any one time. Delivery of breakfast can also be arranged.

(3) Island hopping- A fishing boat can be rented to take you round the nine smaller islands surrounding Pulau Besar. An experience of a couple hours, some islands are safe to land on for photos. A few are surrounded by rocks and coral, which you will view from the boat.

(4) Catering- Traditional cakes such as dodol or baked cookies and cakes can be ordered to take home. Traditional dishes can be ordered to be served for lunch or dinner at SAKINAH BED & BREAKFAST. Ikan bakar and accompanying dishes can also be ordered and sent to our dining room or we can call ahead to order your food and reserve seats.

(5) Pulau Besar- Ticket office and jetty (Anjung Batu) is only 800 metres from SAKINAH BED & BREAKFAST. We may arrange for your enjoyable visit to Pulau Besar.

All sea packages are subject to weather conditions, sea conditions, availability of boats and visibility. Catering packages are subject to availability and schedule of the various caterers. SAKINAH BED & BREAKFAST is only acting as a go-between for your convenience and that of the kampong business.



TO BOOK OR FOR ENQUIRIES, CALL SOHAILA @ 012 260 6273 and/or (03) 6250 1244 or email to


The Bungalow Guest House Address


Lot 1830, Kg Seri Minyak, Km 15, 77300 Merlimau, Melaka

Kg Seri Minyak is located about 15 km from Melaka town (towards Muar) and about 26 km from Air Keroh and Jasin Toll


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